How to Use Karate in Real-World Situations

By Shotokan Karate Leadership School in Santa Rosa, CA

If you think that Karate is only applicable in fighting and violence, well, there’s a lot more uses of Karate in life. As a matter of fact, Karate can be used in every aspect of a person’s life including self-defense.

Starting your Karate journey can be quite tough at first. You might think where will it impact my life? Moreover, a lot of people are confused about this one question. So, we are here to talk about how to use Karate in real-world situations. To spice things up, we are going to add some real-life scenarios that can save the lives of a lot of Karate Students out there.

  • Self-Defense

Now, training for self defense can be quite rewarding. A lot of people think that Karate can’t help you defend yourself in a life or death situation. However, here’s the truth. When we talk about those attackers, they are mostly fighting with their egos. Hence, in the midst of proving themselves, these attackers are full of rage. Karate Students learn ways to read their opponent. Hence, Karate will let you discover the fighter’s weak points and ace the fight. In essence, a fighter’s ego exposes themselves to danger.

  •  Sportsmanship

Even though all sports are different from one another, Karate helps the athlete in a lot of ways. Here’s how Karate can improve your overall sports performance, enabling you to become a beast in your most favorite sport.

  • Karate increases the strength and balance of your body

Karate Teaches Self-DefenseFrom eye coordination to hands, you’ll see a drastic change in handling your body after you start training in Karate.

In other words, your body acts in a way you want it to move. Even if your right side or left side is weaker, Karate helps in balancing the core of your body, making you perform in your prime in the respective sports you’re playing.

  • Karate builds explosiveness

Do you have a hard time acting to your reaction? For example, even if you have a little control over your body and senses, if you can move with the explosiveness that a sport requires, you won’t be able to thrive.

In some sports, it’s jumping higher, running faster, dodging, attacking, throwing, and all the other physical elements involved.

  • Karate builds flexibility

In sports like MMA, Boxing, Football, and Basketball, having inhumane flexibility can put you ages ahead of the competition.

Athletes who have an insane amount of flexibility can not only move better but they can perform in a charming and explosive way. Karate makes you stretch your hips, glutes, and every muscle/joint you can think of.

  • Karate Improves Your Emotional Health

Life is uncertain. You can’t have perfect days every time. Additionally, life is a series of losing your loved ones too. That’s where Karate comes in. We all know that Karate improves your physical health.

However, the equal benefit that it provides is improving your mental health as well. Karate constantly reminds you that life is temporary, some things are outside the level of our control, and the things you can control, let go of them. You can only control what’s inside your brain.

  • Karate Helps in Stopping Negative Thoughts

Karate has Real World UsesWe humans tend to think negatively. Well, that’s true for the most part. However, Karate prepares you to combat not only fights but negative thoughts too. When you put your body and mind through challenges and hard work, it creates tolerance for tackling more challenges and thoughts.

This is because your brain is a muscle too. So, whenever there are negative thoughts, instead of frowning upon them, you start to take action!

  • Conclusion

Keeping in view all these real life situations, Karate is indeed helpful in preparing you for real life situations. And if you make up your mind to join and learn the art of Karate, it will make you and your life better.

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