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July 1, 2023 

A BIG Welcome to our newest students!  

❖ Erick Diaz, Apollo Geissinger, Jason Zapadinsky, Tyler Thygesen, Alina Reyes,  Norah Reyes, Karter Grieb, Dominic Martinez, Emilie Stirnaman, Emilio Sanchez,  Carlos Pureco, Rylee Nelson, Jose Suarez, Saint Hill, Ana Rosete, Ronin  McKeown

Upcoming Events and Activities  

  • July 4th Holiday Break – Dojo closed from Sat., July 1 through Tuesday July  4th. Classes start again on Wednesday July 5th 
  • Wednesday Night Market – We’re at the market most Wednesday evenings  from 5p to 8:30p. Stop by and see us and say hi.!  
  • Parent Night Out, 5 to 8p Friday June 23rd. Games, Pizza, Movie. Free! This  was already held. We plan to do more and will let you know. 
  • Return of 7th Degree Black Belt Sensei Warner Friday and Saturday July 21  and 22. See July Shoka Magazine for details. 
  • Pioneer Park Training and Potluck Picnic – Sat. Aug. 12th. All morning  classes at Pioneer Park about a mile from the dojo, then Potluck Picnic.  

Meredith Huetter, Reiner’s mom:  

“I hope all is well, Sensei. Reiner ended up with Highest Honors (4.0 grade point out of  4.0) and the Principal’s Award (Excellent Effort and Conduct). A lot of Reiner’s success  is attributed to his learning at your school. All the best, Meredith” 

Michele Pipkin 

Keith Tacla, the owner or Rick’s Auto in Forestville and one of our members, had a  customer who wanted to donate her car. Keith made the arrangements and the car now  belongs to Michele Pipkin who was featured in last month’s Shoka News along with  another one of our student, Carrie Chase. A big thank you to both Keith and Carrie for making this happen. If you need your car fixed try talking to Keith.

Rick’s Auto 6560 Railroad Ave, Forestville 707-887-1641

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