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Shoka Magazine: Dear Sensei Callahan

Dear Sensei Callahan,


Wishing you all the joys of the Season!  My Guru calls this time of year, Happy Light in Everybody.  The is honoring the Light in one another.  Honoring the Light in you!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your incredible school of warriors that is such a Bright Beacon of Light on this planet.  I have and continue to benefit greatly from!

Thank you for teaching and showing me that I can indeed be strong, and strong in all the ways, mind, body, and spirit.

Thank you for believing in me even when I fail to believe in myself.

Thank you for lifting me back when I fall down.

Thank you for much needed to hear lectures such as the “Drag yourself to class no matter what” lecture!  That I always need greatly to hear.

Thank you for being good to us women.

Thank you the sweet twinkle in you eyes as you engage with the lovely karate children.


Thank you for the Blessing of you.


Most Sincerely and in Gratitude,

Caroline Chase

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