Shoka Magazine June 2023 – Shoka News

June 1, 2023 

A BIG Welcome to our newest students!  

❖ Elliot Zapadinsky, Juliann Finn, Avery Finn, Liam Finn, Patrick Finn,  Ed Estrada, Jagger Espy, Nolan Hettich, Daniel Fajardo, Lumen  Ares, Aiden Gardiner, Apache Greenberg, Elijah Lawson, Erick Diaz,  Apollo Geissinger, Jason Zapadinsky, Tyler Thygesen, Alina Reyes,  Norah Reyes, Ares Skaife

Upcoming Events and Activities 

  •  Monday, May 29th Memorial Day – CLOSED… in case you read  this before 5.29  
  • Wednesday Night Market – Starting May 3 for 15 weeks. We’ll be  there. Stop by. See us. Say hi. Spin the wheel. Win prizes. Have  FUN!  
  • Summer activities… we’re planning several different things but  we’re not yet ready to announce them. They will probably  include training and potluck lunch in the park, training and  potluck lunch at the beach, Parent Night Out/Movie Night/Pizza  Night! We’ll let you know day, dates, and times once we hammer  out the details.  

Shoka Magazine: We’re mailing it to your house. We hope you’re getting  it. If not let us know. It’s also coming by email in an electronic format called  Issuu. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Our Covid Policy  

Covid is again rearing its ugly head so please wear a mask if you are  unvaccinated. Decide for yourself if you are vaccinated. We will never ask  you to do anything that will put you or your family at risk. You always have  the opportunity to opt-out of any activity or event that you deem is unsafe.

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